DxO PL5 - can I now delete DxO PL 3 & 4?

Hi guys - I’ve been running DxO PL5 since last year and I still have DxO 3 & 4 installed - although never used any longer - can I now safely delete them and free up the disk space?

Many thanks - Andrew.

No problem at all. Each version is totally independent.



It’s unlikely, but just in case you ever want to go back to PL3 or PL4 I suggest you retain a copy of the installation package for each of PL3 and PL4, and keep a copy of the licence key for each of PL3 and PL4.That way, you will be able to reinstall and use PL3 or PL4 should you ever wish to.


They leave a lot of stuff behind. Catalogue, logs etc they can be big and if you need to remove them as the uninstall faild to do do or ask if you want to remove them.

Thank you - job done!


Thanks - I updated my time machine to ensure I have properly relevant backups.


I asked this a while back but don’t think I got a clear answer.

On Macs there is various stuff deposited in the /Library and/or ~/Library folders and various subfolders thereof. What I’d like to know is when my helper apps offer to delete that stuff, whether that is specific to a PL version, or generic to any version. Because if it’s the latter, PL5 could have issues.