DXO PL4 where is the channel mixer for B&W

Hi All,

I’ve just installed DXOPL4 on my PC (coming from DXOPL3) and I can’t find the channel mixer for B&W that was present in DXOPL3. I can’t imagine such a usefull feature has disappeared but did not manage to find it.

Do you have Filmpack 5 Elite installed? I assume so since you had in PL3. If so, you need to find the Filmpack 5 palette and open it to find the mixer. It hasn’t been added to the efex tab yet. Coming soon though!


It’s still in the FilmPack palette:


Please, switch between the workspaces and browse Filmpack palette.

NOTE: We know that it’s absent in the new Filter system and we are going to add it soon.

Svetlana G.


Thanks for your swift answer. I was indeed in the “standard workspace” instead of “advanced workspace”.

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