DXO PL3 Crashing on Windows 10 64bit

Hey, guys!

DXO PhotoLab 3 keeps crashing. Sometimes only it crashes. Sometimes it brings my entire Windows OS down to the Blue Screen of Death. I only bought and installed the program last week, and it has been happening from the very beginning. At first it was only once every few hours. Now, it’s constantly. Basically, any time I’m working in the program for more than a few minutes, it will crash.

I’m on DXO PL3 v3.3.0 Build 4391, with NIK collection installed. OS is Windows 10 64 bit, Build 19041.388. I’m running a Core i7-9700k @ 3.6GHz, with 32GB ram, and a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti.

Some other possibly helpful info. I collect log files of my motherboard, cpu, and gpu temperatures, and they have never gotten anything close to a trouble zone. I have used this PC to play very intense video games on the highest settings, for hours on end, pushing the temperatures on the box up into higher ranges, without ever causing any crashes at all. This has been tested on 50+ modern, high intensity, games. Nothing is overclocked, at all. I previously used photoshop, and lightroom, and processed just as much, if not more images on it, and never had a single issue. I have used the application Blender to process and render 100+ gigabyte sized video files with complex rendering and never had any issues whatsoever. This box never crashes for anything, at all, other than DXO Photolab.

I cannot find the log file to post here, so if anyone can point me to it, I will happily share it.


Hello Nick,

You should create a ticket here - support.dxo.com and provide all the logs you collected + the logs from the app - %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 3 logs

Svetlana G.

%UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 3 logs


I also use win 10 pro 64 bit with DXO PL3 and NIK, same builds that you have, on my laptop and desktop and I have not had any crashes or any problems as you have described.

In DXO PL3 I believe you can find the logs by locating the top task bar. Click on Edit, then Preferences and at the bottom of the window you will see DXO PL Database and its location. That is likely where the logs are.

Hope this helps