DXO PL3 and Catalina Sidecar

Can somebody tell me if DXO PL 3 works with the Catalina Sidecar feature? I mean using (all) the Palettes / workspace on an iPad and my iMac screen for images alone? So iPad as a second screen (work screen).
Thank you!

Hi mujabad,

Sidecar should work with PL3 already.
I mean, your iPad will be a second display and you move your windows as you wish like if you had two normal displays. Simple like that.

I am sorry I did not upgrade to Catalina yet, I am waiting for a more stable version and also that all he software I use gets its compatibility update. But I can’t wait to use sidecar too.

Thank you m-photo!
I did not upgrade to Catalina yet either. For the same reason as you. Good to read, that I can place all palettes on the iPad screen and use all my iMac real estate for viewing images only. My present iPad is 6 years old, and I’ll probably buy a new one within a few weeks. Now I’ ll have to find the best (and still affordable), iPad around at the moment. Maybe the “Air” , or otherwise the most simple Pro version.
Thank you again!

Have a look here for more details:

and especially this article:

I hope it will work with my old iMac :smiley:

Thank you again! I guess if Catalina works on your iMac, Sidecar will also. Although in that article from Macrumors, it says what Macs are ready for Sidecar. Then again, not a complete list. How old is your iMac?

My iMac is from 2014.
According to Apple’s page it is NOT (officially) supported. But thanks to this Terminal command line it might just work with all macOS Catalina supported devices as you say.
At the same time, it is much more interesting for a MacBook (Pro).

I read a command from someone who said it do not work at all, unfortunately. So we will have to try by ourselves or buy new devices.

I use Duet Display since years. It doesn’t work without cable. But it is as good as a second monitor. I even use my old iPad 2 (not Air!) with Duet. It has limited resolution, but is good enough for the image browser. And Duet works with Windows, too, without a second purchase.


Maybe a dumb question…does it work without iCloud? Does Sidecar work without iCloud?

As far as I know you need an iCloud account for Sidecar, it has to be the same on both devices. It is required for security (authentication), not to transfer the actual screen content.

This is similar to AirDrop, which requires iCloud accounts to identify users, but transfers the data locally.

As of today, for my own use it do not make sense, except if Sidecar do not work properly because I already use iCloud and plan to update to Catalina.
But I agree, it is a great alternative for every other situations and configurations.

Thnxs Christian I don’ t like to use iCloud (or any other cloud service).