DXO PL Roadmap

Is there a known road map of DXO plans for the program? A couple of features that I consider important are not included in the program.
I currently use ACDSEE SP2018 , CS6, All Topaz Labs plugins and ON1, which I’m cancelling after the new update solved few of my concerns. Mainly use ON1 , but there are just to much I do not like about it.
UI, shortcuts and raw processing are the top three.

I will start with:
A Radial filter would be great, as a lot of stuff does not fit in a circle. Anybody know if this may be on the drawing board?


Been 10 days since first post about this and no one wants to share any insight into the vision DXO has for PL…? Or maybe a list of future features and updates under consideration by DXO staff. We can vote for features and improvements till we are blue in the face, but knowing what DXO plans for the program is what really counts…
You have a great program, so share your ideas and goals with your supporters.

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Mike, don‘t hold your breath. I know that DxO has a few items in their backlog and that I‘d be surprised if they came up with a prioritised list of them…

platypus, thanks for your input. I have been looking into a photo management program and IF DXO had plans to include a DAM feature, I would hold off!!! I currently use Bridge and it’s OK , but is lacking in a few areas for me.
I could take the saved resources from DAM software and invested in their new NIK collection. I currently have the free version and use it in CS6 with no problems. I would purchase the NIK collection before July 1 as a sign of my support for DXO. To help insure future development of their software line.

Really not asking for trade secrets, just DXO future development plan for PL…
Heck, maybe they don’t have a plan and that’s why no responses from DXO staff

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There are some plans, I think, and they do listen to requests, which are possible to realize. This is even improving in the last time. But DxO has an old school kind of markering, where they release information, when things are almost ready to be shipped. This way no false promisses are made, but there is also no anticipation from the customers, because they do not know, what comes next. But the feature request section will have its purpose, because it has been created only weeks ago. The most voted requests should have some priority.