DXO PL online documentation search function

I understand that new manuals will only be available in online versions as explained here:

I am used to work with the PDF versions and used it a lot to search through the full manual.

If Dxo wants only to maintain the online versions it would be great to have a better search function that perform searched in all the sections and chapters and returns the lines with matches.
The current search function is not usable.


Thanks for considering updating the online manuals and make them more user friendly.


Hi Dankup,

An old unresolved problem… Globally the DxO statements you are quoting don’t make sense :

Important note: The PDF version is only available for “old” versions. For versions still under development, namely the current commercialized version, only the interactive online version of the user guide is offered due to possible developments over the course of updates so that you always work with the most current status.

However, if needed you can always save as a PDF or print single pages and chapters via your browser.

  1. You can’t download a single page as PDF from any browser.
  2. Why would I do that if I’m searching for various related informations ?
  3. DxO is assuming that people working in the field with no connection don’t need any documentation. Curious.
  4. We are eventually offered the PDF version of the documentation once most of us will no longer need it and will start to ask for the next version’s documentation. Extremely strange.

However, as already reported, fixing this issue is easy.

@DxO, please use a documentation tool that is able to generate a PDF export on demand and let us decide when we need to download it. That’s it. Simple and not necessarily expensive :

Shouldn’t we be talking about a paid open beta version ?

Good remark. In the standard world, a given major version is not supposed to get functional changes very often (unless a design change is urgently needed). The minor updates are here to fix bugs and minor problems, enhance UI elements, etc. Nothing that should drastically affect the documentation.

Agreed. Search is sub-par, chapter structure is too. Having to publish a new paid version of every app each year definitely starts to take its toll (here too…).

Please move the thread to feature requests for a possibility to vote (and better visibility to forumers and DxOers.

Done, moved to feature request.
Having a better search function is a matter of setting up a better document structure once. Maitaining the documentation throughout the different versions is onother thing. Thanks, for your great work. I still love this product.