DxO PL 6 "Photo Library Update in progress - This may take some time."

I’ve just installed DxO PL6 and during startup I get the message: “Photo Library Update in progress - This may take some time.” The program just seems to hang…
I’m using a MacBook Pro, 14" 2021, Apple M1 Max, 32Gb, Monterey 12.6.

Any ideas?

I don’t know about PL but my dam, Photo Supreme , regually updates the databaser with changes to the program. A majer update had some users having it take houres to do the updating.

The update finally failed, a couple of times!! It finally gave up and opened a new database for PL6 with none of the previous database info migrated from V5, very disappointing. The original database is still good as I can open it in PL5 and all of the info is still there. Does anyone know how to migrate a working PL5 database to PL6?

Not good news pleased I kept away from PL as. DAM

Hi John, PL6 does not pretend to be a DAM, it merely interrogates the file structure on your harddrive. The database to which I refer is the database that stores all of the Advanced history of edits, metadata, keywords and star ratings, etc. Useful if one wants to re-visit a photo and not start from scratch.

Fix the situation like this:

  1. open DPL5
  2. backup the database, wait for DPL to restart
  3. quit DPL5
  4. open DPL6
  5. restore the database from the DPL5 backup

Hi Platypus and thank you for your reply. If only it was that simple. When I attempt to backup the database it all seems to go fine apart from at the end when I receive a message with an exclamation mark and PL with the message: “Attempt to access an object not found in store.”
Which is above my pay grade. Hopefully, DxO help-desk will get back to me one day with a solution, unless you know a way to rebuild and validate the database. The database does seem to work fine within PL5, I just cannot back it up. I have made a copy of the database directory within the Library folder, just in case I corrupt the database beyond repair whilst experimenting.