DxO PL 6.1 problem

After d/l and installing version 6.1 the rendering time (36Mp NEF) more than trippled, compared to version 6.01!
This isn´t tolerable and I wonder if there is a possibility to go back to the earlier version?

Hi Rulle and welcome.

I just did that and I would recommend uninstalling 6.1.0 before reinstalling 6.0.1. Not sure if it will install an older version over a newer version. I didn’t try it. Uninstalling first worked for me.

are your video drivers fully up to date and do you have the gpu selected as your DeepPrime render engine in preferences?

You cannot update video drivers on Mac, as far as I know.

In the IT-consulting world an old business model joke was “to solve one problem and create two new ones - and one will always have a prosperous business”.

Thans for your input. Maybe I will wait a while to install version 6.1 or a later corrected version. Still, I think it will be interesting if the new metadata options will solve the problems for the ones using hierarchical keywords. Very good that DXO fixes this problem.

I also think it´s clever not deleting old versions and keywords since we never know when an upgrade will have to be rolled back.

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