DXO-PL 5 / ON1 22 - trials - default noise reduction?

Testing the trials of DXO-PL and ON1 at the moment.

Now I have a question about noise reduction defaults.

I set DXO and ON1 to “don’t do anything” except from using a color rendering to let the RAWs look similar in both apps.

Especially noise reduction is set to off.
But it seems ON1 is still applying some kind of chroma noise reduction. Does anybody with ON1 experience knows if this is normal with ON1 or am I just missing some settings to fully disable noise reduction?

In my own test image it is also obvious that there is sharpening in ON1 even though all auto lens corrections, etc. are off:

Dear @cgidesign Wolfgang,

one question…which of the noise settings in DXO do you use?

best regards


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Thanks for chiming in. With respect to the sample images all noise reduction is OFF in dxo and ON1.

Thank you…I thought because of the term “default noise reduction” its ON and then High Quality and Luminance 0

The only noise reduction worth discussing in much detail these days in PhotoLab is DeepPrime. Personally I prefer a very low setting (2 or 5) to retain some texture in the image. An image is more or less completely clean of noise by 12. Above that you are seeing smoothing, not noise reduction.

That said, I sometimes use HQ noise reduction when I wish to retain grain for artistic reasons.

I tried this with the value 12 and I have to agree with you, but why does DxO set the value to 40?

Well, because they can :rofl:


To impress people who like plasticky smoothed skin and surfaces that DeepPRIME noise reduction is in no way less powerful than Topaz DeNoise AI. Even at very low settings, Topaz DeNoise always turns images waxy/plasticky.


I dont use Topaz utilities, only DXO ( PL, FP, VP,Nik ) CO & Affinity Photo. Until now I thought DXO was infallible :sunglasses:

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