DxO PL 2 Photo Library doesn't refresh anymore

Have been using DxO PL2 for a few months with no issues until today. I have a folder on an external SD card, that is mounted and shows in PL. For some reason, the new photos of this folder don’t show up in PL. Filters are turned off and photos do show up in Adobe Bridge for the same folder. Doing Open With -> DxO in Adobe Bridge will make the photo show in the PL. But it doesn’t refresh the whole folder and other photos are still not showing until I manually open them in DxO through Adobe Bridge.

How can I force refresh a folder ??? I cleared the cache and it didn’t help.

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I have noticed the same behavior with external drives. Navigating to the folder in PL2 shows no images for editing, but I can open them through the Mac Finder.

Same deal here. New images imported through Lightroom CC do not show in PhotoLab2. My LR catalogue is stored on an external drive so it would seem Dxo have an issue with the library refresh for external drives. There also needs to be a way to force the refresh - basic stuff DxO, should already be there.
I for one, as a new user, will be putting PhotoLab aside until this issue is resolved because I simply could not work without it. Given I am actively trying to work out how to get away from LR - this does not bode well for DxO