DxO PhotoLob 5.1.1 COMMAND + D (Create Virtual Copy) fails to work after some time

I have noticed that after some time some functions stop working and I have to restart PL5.

I did not test any other functions but the Create Virtual Copy simply stopped doing anything until I restarted PL5. I think there were some other functions that also became unresponsive but don’t recall what they might have been.

This issue happens quite frequently, once a day or so and appears to be related to the amount of use.

Hi Duncan,

Do you have a lot of other processes going on in the background while using PL5?

No - but I do notice if I do a lot of deletes the PL5 seems to start getting a bit jerky when scrolling through the images. I get the impression there might be a memory leak or something - although I have not check the memory usage. I’ll try and remember to do that next time.

Could it be occurring after PL has been left idling (without any user-input) for quite some time ?

There was an issue with LA controls being unresponsive in this situation - - and then fixed with a restart.

John M

Yes that is definitely a possibility - bear in mind I am running on macOS.

No idea what LA controls means though.

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LA = Local Adjustments