DXO Photolab vs DXO PureRaw what's the difference?

I’m looking for a premium software to manage my wildlife images which are frequently soft and very noisy due to very high ISO needed to capture the images.
I frequently have many shades of green I want to tweak to be one hue, and lots of areas of highlight I need to tone right down that are impossible to mask.
I also have thousands of images I need to sort and categorise better.
Can someone please explain the difference between the Photolab and Pureraw?

Good day to you! Look here for DxO’s answer:

(You can search for articles like this one at support.dxo.com.)

PureRaw: Only optical corrections and noise reduction with minimal controls
PhotoLab: Optical corrections and noise reduction; refined controls; plus many more

From what I read in your initial post like

…you want PhotoLab Elite Edition.