DxO Photolab new export suggestion

Like all previous versions, PhotoLab exports all the images which have been through the software. This is rarely necessary and produces a vast number of optimised images, most of which will never be used again, unless a different output type is required.
My standard treatment of a project is to put all the images through DxO and then look at the optimised images, treat them further if necesaary; these are the images I want to export to other software for further changes: Aperture to make a Book, or Capture 1 to use some of its special facitities. As things are, I have no option but to export the lot.
If I could export them to the Desktop, I could easily sort them but I don’t see how to do this. If I could choose an image “Type” (mine are tiffs) that would be perfect.

Can you look at this, please?


Actually it’s possible to export the images to a third-party application. Here you should choose the application you want to export to:

And second, you can send them directly to desktop by changing the destination folder in the export window:


Svetlana G.

Thank you for responding.
I know I can export to a chosen application; that is not the point I am making. (However, I didn’t know that I could choose the desktop as destination as you suggest - I will try that next time)What I want to do is choose which of the images which goes through the DxO software are exported; I don’t want to export the input images, just those that have been processed.
What I have done is choose which type of image is chosen for display using the funnel item in the bottom lefthand corner of the DxO window (I don’t know what you call it); this, in my case, allows the selection of the tiff images and then I can export just these to Aperture. But selecting from the options to achieve this is a trial-and-error selection - the given choices are a bit opache.

I would add that the retouch function in Aperture is MUCH easiest to use and MUCH more effective than the one in PhotoLab; you need to look at that. I am redoing in aperture a bad series of images, where dust got blown into my camera during a lens change, whihc I had already treated in PhtotLab.


Ok, I see now (you are talking about our filtering system). Yep, we have an improvement task in the backlog but not in this first version for sure. Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll analyze the workflow from the Aperture.

Svetlana G.


I’m not sure I really understood your needs, but I wonder if selecting images one by one keeping the “Command” key pressed could help to export only the expected set of images without tweaking the filtering options ? (I guess you are using a Mac).


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It seems so long ago that I submitted my suggestion that I can’t remember the circumstances. And your response didn’y link to my suggestion, so I caan’t go any further.
But your suggestion is what I do, lacking any other way.

Thanks for trying. Yes, I am using a Mac