DxO PhotoLab control points tested and rated - Life after Photoshop review

FYI: DxO PhotoLab control points tested and rated - Life after Photoshop

This review concludes as follows;

John M


I was very disappointed in the control points when I first moved from Capture NX2 to PhotoLab but the upgrade to to 5 saved them for me. I found them very frustrating for their low selectivity and was using them less and less. The new Chroma and Luma selectivity settings were what saved it for me. it is the best thing ever for me! I use it a lot and I’m back in love with them again.

The only frustration that remains for me are those exasperating over-reactive warmth and hue sliders. It is so damn impossible to make a subtle adjustment, and that drag out to the right is so back-to-front and inside-out I want to scream every time I have to use it.


Adding the HSL color wheel to Local Adjustments is in the backlog. When implemented, that should resolve your issue if I understand it correctly. However, it is unclear when that functionality might make it into PhotoLab.



Definitely, almost unusable.

And other sliders are less but over-reactive too.
We need to be able to do very subtil adjustment without a ruler to guide the mouse (which is not effective either - I had to file the edges of my mouse to make them straighter but it didn’t work :crazy_face:).

It is really needed. And adding a luminance control curve to their mask and a value picker to tweak it would make them really effective (not in a tiny window, but in a resizable one - or at least a very large one - for enough precision) - it is now an half tool.

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… and some more with better masking options, supporting pen tablets and such – to really ‘unchain’ PL’s capabilities.


Oh yes, indeed.