DXO Photolab and RAW from Android smatphone

Hi Oliver, not at the moment. For me it’s ok because the photos we make with the Huawei’s we can still develop with Lightroom or any other tool like Irfanview, Rawtherapee e.g.
For me it would be more comfortable because I would like to concentrate for one tool.
Maybe the Version 4 of DPL will support DNG

Hi Guenterm,
Thank you for your answer . The same for me I use Lightroom to develop the Huawei’s P10 DNG.
Maybe the PL next version .

Hello guys,

We still do not have the exact date. As soon as I get this info, I’ll let you know.

Svetlana G.

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Thank’s Svetlana

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I noticed that some photos of my Android smatphone were supported by PL3 JPEG but still not yet DNG ?

Well don’t expect to get it soon.
It took me a while to realize the DXO Paradigm.
Since Dxo photolab made by Dxomark. Their vosion for PL is to give you tools that will UPGRADE YOUR LENS.
They will not give you any tool unless it is the Best in class Raw converter & Editing tools.
You will never get any optic module unless it gives full correction to your phone lens. Check out vignetting slider. You can only IMPROVE it, you can’t have dark corners. Why? That Paradigm…
Therefore Dxo is going to be a Case Study for the Best in class software which got to bankruptcy…

Yes, but i don’t expect mystics for a smartphone lens. But i would like to open the Raw files and made some basic adjustments like exposure, contrast, selective tone and other basic features.



JPG format from any smartphone is supported by DxO. As for DNG support, we faced some problems which should be resolved on the stage of framework, so the work is still in progress.

Svetlana G.

(Checks calendar)

It’s still the 21st Century, so it clearly isn’t ready yet.

Tx Svetlana, it’s actually nice to hear you’re working on it.
Hoping the problems are being resolved : )
It would be such a big + for DxO Photolab!

Yes, but these assurances have been trotted out for several years now, without Android DNG support actually appearing.

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And still nothing in the PL4 supported camera list.

On the other hand, the iPhone 11 isn’t there either, and that was released so long ago - Sept 2019! - that it’s now discontinued.

Is it because the current batch of smartphones do so much processing of the RAW data themselves that can’t DxO compete - what comes out of Google Pixel phones’ nightview mode is already astonishing - or is it the equivalent of ‘we don’t do horseless carriages, only real ones’?

Either way ignoring the RAW of cameras that are used by far more people than use DSLRs is limiting sales.

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Agree with you and that’s why we need to centralize this in this thread I created to list our wishing support of unsupported raw here Wish list to support old raw files by DXO #photo archive matter and don’t forget to vote by clicking on the button “Vote” below the title.

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Any update on this topic ?

I feel so bad I can’t use the raw abilities of my Pixel 3 phone on Photolab : (.
To me this ability could be game changer as I could do short travels without my camera.


I did couple raw shots with my Huawei and was shocked at how much correction the phone does. I suspect that phone raw is a totally different story, and the phone does more than just lens correction. I’m sure there is a lot of potential but this might be a more complex story.

The SNAPSEED app from Google is a nice tool on android phone to give some retouches direcltly on the phone. The new version now supports android raw format ! Really nice app that you should try !

Regarding the request ( and others raw cameras) for sure I’m still agree with you that DXO Photolab MUST support all raw formats to avoid jungling with other softwares but we still could dream as it’s not in the DXO’s roadmap and it’s a pitty !


Hello to the team, any news for this development?

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Hello to the team, any update on this topic?
It’s really something of a big need as I don’t want to work with other tools than PL.

Thanks a lot.

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