DXO Photolab 7 hangs with ViewPoint 4

i’ve installed Photolab7, ViewPoint 4 and FilmPack 7.

My actual configuration is this:
Laptop with i7-13700H and IrisXe on Win11 Pro. I’m a Fuji user.

All seems to work properly with the exception of ReShape tool.

If i use it from PhotoLab 7, PL get stuck and i have to kill it from task manager. As soon i try to drag one of the grid point that reShape tool provide, PL get stuck and won’t be able to recover.

Even worse, after i kill it from task manager, PL is not able to start anymore: i need to restart the pc.

The funny thing is that ReShape from ViewPoint 4 stand alone app, works perfectly (i think this exclude any hardware issue)!

Same behaviour for jpgs and RAF

Any idea?

Quickly checked with a raf-file (PL7.1.0_94) – and no problem.
( VP can only work with tif and jpg / suppose you mix it up with FP7 )

BUT … PL had problems with the ‘new’ intel GPU. Make sure to use a recent driver.

I’ve had intermittent problems with ReShape in PL6 and PL7 with VP4. The tool will sometimes stop working or will crash. Switching images or folders or restarting PL often restores functionality for me. Having to restart the PC, though? Probably a driver problem or a fault with some other software that runs in the background. I suggest checking the Application and System logs in Event Viewer. Also, run sfc and dism to check the state of your OS. If your drivers and OS are all up-to-date and free of corrupt files, DxO support (support.dxo.com) can provide a tool which can capture a memory dump from PL when it freezes or is force-closed.

Thank you all for replies.
Drivers on my laptop are all up to date. After reading your posts it seems i’m not the only one (even if with different behaviour).