DxO PhotoLab 7.7.1 Server is unreachable

Started PhotoLab 7 on my Win 11 Dell G7 (all up to date) laptop this morning, “Would you like to install update to 7.7.1?” popped up … yeah sure all good.

Installed, gave a notification that the machine would need to restart, did so and now I get the above message.

Have tried thus far:

Cold Boot - nope same.
Uninstall, clean reg with CCLeaner, cold boot, reinstall - nope same.

Diconnect from net (wifi and ethernet) - nope same.

Any idea … any at all ? Very not impressed. :-/

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Cold boot

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Restart your router!?

Solid 100 down 20 up … Sorry :-/

UPDATE: reinstalled 7.6 … started straight up … :frowning: everything works.


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Does anyone know if DXO fixed the problem with the install of PL 7.7.1? I am waiting to install it until they get working as it should be or until they issue a replacement for it.

I received my copy of PL 7.7.1 on the very same day as the OP was posted, with absolutely no problem whatsoever. I wondered at the time what the meaning was? I didn’t know then and don’t know now what problem that the OP ran into. It’s perfectly okay to download it from your My Products page in the DxO Shop.

Same problem. but i don’t have old version.

Update: version 7.7.2 didn’t solve the problem, i reistalled 7.6 and everything is OK.