DXO Photolab 6

This happens any time I try to (browse) from the PL 6 in my computer (export to disk , finding watermark and exporting to application.only in browsing .my PC is Widows 10
PL 6 stopped working. I did not had this problem in PL 5 .

I do not understand your question.
Browsing, exporting , watermark …only browsing?
Maybe a step by step information will be better

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Since you mentioned Watermark, I wonder if you use RTL language.
I had some problems with Folder names with RTL (right to left) language such as Hebrew .
Had to move my watermarks into a folder with full English path. Problem was solved.

Export to application options or export options to disk than you browse for a file or application. PH 6 crashes once you click the mouse on browse.

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Perhaps related to this ??

John M

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After uninstall (Dell Backup and Recovery,) it is working fine.