DXO Photolab 6 Elite Update Issue With Denoise

The latest update “V6.16.0 Build 36B” broke DenoisePrime and DenoisePrimeXD, had to revert back to previous version of DXO Photolab 6 Elite for the software to work properly.

W11 Pro
Intel i7-12700K
Intel ARC A770 16GB GPU

There was a problem but it should be OK if you try again

How will it be OK. Did they release a new update which fixes this issue. I haven’t seen one.

The PRIME denoise functions stopped working because the update screwed up the license server so it thought your PL Elite version was only the Essential version.

When they fixed the license server, everything behaved as it should again. Having said that, you might need to re-enter your activation codes for FilmPack and ViewPoint, if you have them, before everything is finally fixed.

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The problem still persists, now it only effects DenoisePrimeXD.

In which case report your problem to DxO using this page:

And what is that going to do. They will ask me the usual what are your settings nonsense. My settings are just fine, they did not change, what changed was DXO updated the software and now certain features no longer work. As I stated, I reverted back to the previous software update and everything works fine.