DxO PhotoLab 6.8 / Configuratiin PC


La configuration actuelle de mon PC est la suivante :

Carte mère : Asus Tek Computer Inc. H97M6E
Processeur : Intel Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHZ
RAM : 16 GO
Carte graphique : NVIDIA GeForce 210
Système exploitation : Win 10 Famille 22H2 64 bits

Depuis la version 6 de DxO, mon PC est assez lent dans le traitement de mes fichiers RAW, en particulier avec Deep Prime XD.

Je ne sais pas si cela viens de mon processeur ou de ma carte graphique …

Je me permets donc de deamander vos navis ou conseils sur la meilleure configuration pour les tâches a éffectuer avec DxO Lab 6.8.

Par avance, merci pour votre aide.

Bien cordialement.

GPU from 2009 ? NOT a good idea !

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Le problème vient de votre carte graphique. La carte graphique la plus bas de gamme qui supportera pleinement DeepPRIME et DeepPRIME XD est probablement la Nvidia GTX 1050Ti. Si vous avez un vieux bloc d’alimentation, cette carte est probablement l’une des rares qui fonctionnera avec et ne nécessitera pas l’achat d’un nouveau bloc.

Même si la GTX 1050Ti a une puissance de traitement 33 fois supérieure à celle de votre carte actuelle, elle reste une carte bas de gamme selon les normes actuelles. Cependant, j’en utilise une et il me faut 15 secondes pour traiter des images de 20mp avec DeepPRIME et 35 secondes pour traiter les mêmes images avec DeepPRIME XD.


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J’ai également une GTX 1050Ti, avec des raw de 45mp (canon) et 48mp (dji). 2 photos par minutes en DeepPRIME et 1 avec XD en windows 11. Bizarement, en windows 10 sur le même pc, il me fallait 3 minutes par photo en DeepPrime.

Par contre, avec le nouveau denoise AI de lightroom, il me faut 10 minutes par photo. Inutilisable avec mon hardware.

I would suggest you to upgrade to more than a serie 10xx card.

60s or 30s one image (GTX 1050 as @Magphil said) does not allow to really check and tweak results; batch processing in a second time neither; and preview window (the one in noise reduction tab - the only one which shows all adjustments) is nearly useless given its size and the lack of way to obviously and quickly compare different results.

I did indicate it was a low-end solution. The only reason I recommended it is because chances are that any newer card than a GTX 1050 Ti would also require that he pop in a new power supply. I was guessing he may not want to spend that much money on such an old machine.



any newer card than a GTX 1050 Ti would also require that he pop in a new power supply.

true indeed, but for example my current RTX 4070 does not hit its 200w ( or anywhere close to it ) when used in DxO PL ever … not even in batch processing with 2-3 concurrent in settings…

so I propose that GTX 4060 of nominal 115w will be actually WAY (repeat as needed) BETTER bet than GTX 1050 Ti of nominal 75w

Newer video cards require a connector between the graphics card and the PSU. Older machines that came with lower power PSUs and were sold with older low level graphics cards did not always have a way of connecting a graphics card to the power supply. The power supply of my Windows 10 machine from 2016 does not have the ability to connect a graphics card to it which is the reason I purchased the GTX 1050ti. It does not require a connector. If the connector had not been an issue, I would have purchased a higher level graphics card instead of the 1050ti in early 2021.

I suspect that @tontonwalker06’s machine with an extremely old and low level card from 2009 does not have that capability either. If that is the case, your card suggestion would not work in his machine without an upgrade to his power supply.


Merci pour votre réponse.


1050 Ti GPUs come with and w/o connectors too … in any case OP shall disclose his PSU

CPU though is from 2014 though - 300w PSU shall be able deal w/ GTX 4060 his case


I purchased my HP Windows I7 machine new in 2016 and I can assure you there is no connector on my 300 Watt PSU.


we are living in the End Times !!!

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Please wake me up when the 7.0 version is complete with no modifications mess, I mean, necessary… :yawning_face: :zzz:

David R Banta

Bonsoir! :man_surfing:

I’m not sure I understand what your point is. Can you be a more specific?


Never mind

Have you ever seen software where no modification, bug fixing etc… was not necessary?

Some times its worse than other’s!

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