DxO Photolab 5 - Variable Rotation of an image

Is there any way to rotate an image (preferably RAW) to the Left or Right other than in 90° intervals? To rotate it like 1°, 2° or even 1,5° as you can do in so many other programs. If it exists I have not ben able to find it. All I found is CMD L or CMD R to rotate by 90° intervals.

Use the Horizon tool which allows fine control as you require.

Hi, Oliver, and welcome! For more information: your feature request was previously discussed here:

Thanks, I had seen this but thought in the meantime that there was a way to rotate them. Like KeithRJ suggested its what I for now but depending on the picture its very cumbersome. If its simply to have the horizon levelled its OK but other than that its just not very practical. You can do it in Lightroom, Powerpoint, keynote… but not here? Its really a pity.
thanks for trying to help

You can type any angle in the box and get precise rotation. Are you saying you want to be able to grab a corner and drag to rotate? If so I agree this would be a good idea.