DxO Photolab 5 or 6 compatibility with macOS Ventura

Hi all,

Nearly a year has passed since Mac OS Ventura was released, how are folks finding it with Photolab? I rely on my computer for work which is why I don’t update the OS immediately in case of any compatibility issues. However, I do prefer to keep the OS within a year of any major OS update so I don’t fall too far behind with any new useful features and security updates.

Following on from the Deep Prime XD export colour shift issue (which from what I understand is now resolved) are there any other compatibility issues still outstanding?

I’m using a M1 Mac Mini if that helps with people providing a more informed response.

Many thanks in advance for any responses.


I’ve waited till last week to update my MBAir M1 with Ventura. I use DPL5, FP5 and VP3 and for the moment I don’t notice any problems.
Also Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher FastRaw viewer2 and Topaz Photo AI 1.3.12 working as expected.

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I have a Mac mini M1 which was already with Ventura when I’ve received it last year and it’s fine with DxO products.

I’ve been using PhotoLab versions 5 and 6 on macOS Ventura (on M1 MacBook Air 2020) for quite a while.

I’m testing with macOS Sonoma beta now and find that PhotoLab works without obvious hickups. I’ll probably skip Ventura when I’ll update my (Intel) iMac from macOS Monterey…somewhere around the end of the year.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

I’m going to go ahead with updating the OS on my Mac :slight_smile:

Just one thing: system settings have been reorganized in Ventura and now look like on an iPhone or iPad. This can take some time to getting used to.

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