DXO Photolab 5 is creating dop files in all my directories

The last update from DXO photolab v5 causes me some troubles :

  1. It’s creating dop files in all subdirectories of my “Picture” folder. Formerly, when I was working in a Picture folder’s subdirectory (as I do now), dop files weren’t created elsewhere.
  2. I have to kill the application to quit (I suppose it is creating dop files for my thousands pictures)

Is it a bug or a (new) feature ? And in the second case, how to prevent DXO from creating dop files everywhere ?
Thanks for your help.


I’m not seeing this with PL5.2 on Windows 10. PL still only creates .dop files for images I have touched within PL and those .dop files are written to the same folder as the image file.

Thanks for your answer. I’m on a Mac. Maybe a different behavior ?

Possibly but I suspect unlikely. PL 5.2 has been out for a few days and no one else has reported this ‘feature’. I’d have expected someone like @Joanna, who does use Mac, to have posted something by now if it was a widespread problem.

Are you using a local hard drive or an external drive? If it is an external drive do you access the same image folders from PhotoLab on different machines?


Mine did this also for my saved JPEG folder on my NAS for some reason, I just deleted them this morning. Haven’t check the original RAW folders at all but it was certainly random.

I only use the internal disk and am not seeing any such problems.


I did notice this behavior yesterday, just after downloading the new DXO update. I use to work with DXO in a Picture’s subfolder and I have another parallel subfolder which is synchronized with my NAS Synology where all my pictures are stored. When I started the new DXO mac update to process my pictures, I immediatly noticed a big activity on my NAS synchronized folder. Then I noticed DXO were creating .dop files in this folders. I’m not exactly sure when this behavior has changed because I just restored the NAS synchronization this week end too (after 2-3 months KO since the last NAS software update) but I’m pretty sure it’s related with one of the last DXO update.


I just today downloaded 5.2 and did not notice this behavior, though it was only on the local machine and not attached externals or a NAS.

Mac Big Sur here… please keep us informed, and I will keep an eye out for this.

Curious if there is a fundamental difference amongst the same-name sidecars. Is one being dropped in a folder at one point in the editing, for example, then another being dropped later in the editing process?


Ok, thank you.

My iMac run with Catalina end 2013 27 inches model. I don’t use directly (through USB) an external drive. The folder is a local one, synchronized with a network attached storage through “Synology Drive”.
DXO opens on the folder I’m working in and despite of this, it creates thousands of DOP files in these others directories, recursively.


No such issue on my Macs either…

BTW, I keep these settings unchecked at all times…

Note that these settings make it necessary to initiate import/export/read/write sidecar files manually. This can feel boring at times, but it puts me in control, specially because I manage metadata outside of PhotoLab.

Same problem.

I have the same problem, both on internal and external drives. MacBook pro running Catalina.


OK, thanks for your feedback @Isaac , @platypus . I will check my configuration regarding the screenshot from platypus.


Hello Come,
I am also on a Mac and I do not see the problem with the dop files - internal storage only.
In regards to settings, my standard setting for years has been:

  • tick both boxes for import and export of sidecars
  • untick “synchronize” as I use an external DAM software and not DPL for DAM

In other words I do not think that the settings make a difference - and they should not not actually.
I recommend to get in touch with support.



Ok, I contacted the support.