DxO Photolab 5 - Fujifilm Raw file artefacts

Hi All,

Raw file: DSCF9111.RAF (dropbox - link)
Note: As a new user I am not able to upload my raw file directly to this thread. I have instead linked to my raw file via dropbox.

Photolab version: 5.1.2 build 53 on Mac (elite/purchased)

Issue: Images produced by DxO PL has edge/aliasing artefacts in certain areas when compared to other raw processors (e.g. IxT)

My settings/Tried configurations
Test 1 - DeepPrime(40) + Lens Sharpness (Defaults) + CA (Defaults) + Unsharp Mask (defaults)
Test 2 - DeepPrime(20) + Lens Sharpness (Defaults) + CA (Defaults) + Unsharp Mask (defaults)
Test 3 - DeepPrime(10) + Lens Sharpness (Defaults) + CA (Defaults) + Unsharp Mask (defaults)
Test 4 - DeepPrime(05) + Lens Sharpness (Defaults) + CA (Defaults) + Unsharp Mask (defaults)
Test 5 - DeepPrime(off) + Lens Sharpness (off) + CA (off) + Unsharp Mask (off)
Test 6 - DeepPrime(10) + Lens Sharpness (off) + CA (off) + Unsharp Mask (off)


  1. Process raw file (outlined above)
  2. Export to DNG
  3. Import into LR for baseline comparison with alternative raw processor (LR/IxT etc) - zoomed at 200%

There have been two areas of interest that were identified, please compare the yellow railing in both examples

Problem Area 1

Problem Area 2

Anyone got any suggestions ?


I had similar issues developing Raf files. Artifacts and increased noise in low iso images were present every time. I downloaded your X-E3 file and processed it in Adobe Camera Raw and it produced a clean image. I no longer use PL5 for processing Raf files due to the lack of quality in the final image. Very little support on this forum concerning Fuji issues.

Remember: x-Trans support is in a beta state in DPL5.

Hi @Louie ,

Thanks for your response, I think these are pretty “minor” artefacts and DxO (beta) support for Fujifilm has been pretty good. Good enough for me to buy the software.

More recently I did a comparison of these images using different tools - if you are interested, you can view it here Process Fujifilm Raw file in 2022 – How to squeeze the most out of x-trans sensor in post: Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Do you have more raw file examples where you have noticed artefacts ? When you mention lack of quality in the final image - Can you show / share screenshots / files ?


Similar experience on my side. But it is good that you reported it so that DXO can pick it up as up to now we are still in beta for Fuji files.

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I read through the posts from the link you provided. Like some of the other posters I feel the best results come from Capture One. As you know from shooting Fuji, the files are very clean and have a lot of detail if processed correctly. Somewhere in the DXO process, way too much sharpening and contrast is taking place in the filter set which incurs too much noise and artifacts that are not present in the original file. Applying noise reduction (Deep Prime) on lower iso images seems to muddy smaller details and really should not be necessary as it is never needed in other applications. Your images processed with Irident and C1 that were posted on that site looked better and required no noise reduction.

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That’s good to hear that someone is experiencing / noticing a similar issue (kind of good…) would you like to share your sample raw file ? or screenshot where the problem area is ?