DxO Photolab 5.5 (73)


Seems to be a regression…

PhotoLab 5.5 Build 73
macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina)
Mac mini late 2012, Quad Core i7 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM

Regards - Matthias

For me there is none. 5.4 and 5.5 the same.

@kestrel401 did you change your screen’s native resolution? I set my Eizo to the second position as it’s an extended display to the Studio display. It’s just an idea, as I checked the other resolutions, I could not provoke the situation in your screenshot.

Hi Joachim,

no, I didn’t change anything besides the PL version.

Hmmm… then it’s probably Intel HD4000 specific. That’s bad news. I have no idea how widespread this Graphics"Card" is still in use and as a consequence how urgent this issue might be for DxO…

At least as far as I found only the IPTC-panel is concerned. And it seems to be independent of the screen resolution.

Not that big deal but nonetheless it’s a bit annoying since I just started to use IPTC information for images I give away.

Thanks for your reply, Joachim.

Regards - Matthias

There are always bigger problems in this world (and some might be caused by information overflow…) than ours, but from this view ours don’t become smaller for us :smile:

Your Mini is up -to-date, I believe? I could check on my Intel iMac but it has no HD4000 graphics.

Yes, of course. I was an IT professional so I know about security problems and take them serious. However especially the Intel Graphics Driver for HD4000 has made some serious problems in the past (2021). But Catalina Security Update 2021-008 fixed the last problems. Currently my MacMini has Update 2022-005 - the last one for Catalina I fear…
But this was installed Jul.22-2022 so it was already installed for PL 5.4 as well.

Regards - Matthias

Hi, I have the same problem on a 27"iMac late 2015 running Catalina with the latest security update from yesterday. Its very fustrating as I have just spent a couple of hours trying to solve the problem and enter IPTC data as I could in 5.4 How can I solve this or else re-install 5.4.Appreciate any help given


we are aware of this and currently investigating.

The issue is Catalina-specific. There will be an Update for PhotoLab 5 soon, which fixes the problem.


Great look forward to it soon

Same here :wink:

Build 81 solves the problem - thanks a lot! :blush: