DXO Photolab 5.1.4 Won't Open Files

The problem I have is that the software will simply not open a JPG I have saved in photoshop… it doesn’t matter what the file is, all that happens is that I take a file, even one processed by Photolab, open it in Photoshop, resave it, and then Photolab simply won’t open it and tells me the file is corrupt.

The file is not corrupt.

Can you post such a file here so that some of us can see if we have the same problem?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

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Yes, please share a file
– and indicate what you did, if you closed the pixel editor before checking in PL and so forth.

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It applies to ANY file I save in Photoshop at all. What I have discovered though is if I then resave the file in Photoshop as a TIFF, and then resave that as JPG it opens in Photolab. I’ve included an example here.

Good morning @gothicform and welcome to the forum,

First could you, please tell us which platform you are working on Win or Mac.

Second, with the attached image I have no issue:

But the forum platform can modify the images a bit. To have a clear test, could you please upload your image (and a sidecar if any) via upload.dxo.com with your forum name in the field and let me know when ready:

Svetlana G.

This sounds very much like what you are doing in Photoshop may be the source of the problem.

What exact JPEG format and quality are you saving as in PS?

Could you upload a “faulty” file in a zip file, because direct uploading to the forum rewrites the file.

Some time ago I noticed, that PL couldn’t handle ‘Alpha channels’, but that seems to be no more of a problem. ( And of course, PL can’t handle layers. )

Just remembered – somewhere there was a problem with the compression rate / mode, when saving a TIFF-file.

→ settings in AffinityPhoto

If there is something similar in your PS version → try without compression.

Otherwise …?

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