DxO PhotoLab 5.1.3 - 5.1.4

Thanks for the Updates DxO I can see them in the release notes

Source : https://download-center.dxo.com/Support/docs/PhotoLab_v5/release-notes/PL5_release-note_win_EN.pdf

Noted that at the time of writing I am only able to download 5.1.3 (screenshot below)

Looking at the release notes I have noted that there was no mentioning of any newly supported cameras (as you have done with previous releases) ?

is that still work in progress or has the direction change ? (i.e. if you want the latest support for a7iv,z9,X-E1 you will need to upgrade to DxO Photolab “6”?)


It looks like the windows release notes and you’re on Mac?


Thanks for that ! noted.

Mac Release notes - https://download-center.dxo.com/Support/docs/PhotoLab_v5/release-notes/PL5_release-note_mac_EN.pdf