Dxo Photolab 4 - some questions

About film simulations;
Photolab 3 Elite: there are many film simulations under Color rendering (Color positive, Color negative Black&White for example)
Photolab 4: there is only one film simulation and that’s Color positive films. What happened with Black&White?
If I click on questionmark it says ‘’More films are available with DxO FilmPack plugin’’

Photolab 3 Elite: there are tons of filters like warm filter, cold filter, …. etc
Photolab 4: there is Filter tool but it has no filters. It’s empty!
If I click on questionmark it says ‘’FilmPack plugin is required’’.

If I understand correctly … in Dxo Photolab ELITE there should be included DxO Film Pack with all film simulations and filters like in DxO Photolab 3 ELITE.

Am I missing something?

Hi, @m9k. What version of FilmPack do you have installed and licensed along with PhotoLab 3 Elite? Did you install PhotoLab 4 on the same computer? If yes, I wonder why the license for FilmPack wasn’t imported along with other settings from PhotoLab 3. I had no such problems when I installed PhotoLab 4 (+ demo license) alongside PhotoLab 3 with FilmPack 5 (all Elite editions).

Yes; same computer.
Perhaps something went wrong at installation. I will deinstall PL4 and install it again.

Did you previously own a license for FilmPack 5? FilmPack is not included in the license for PL3 Elite or PL4 Elite.


It is like Mark said. You need Film Pack 5. It is not part of the Elite version.

Not new the question btw. :wink:

Can someone tell me what options does it have in Color rendering tool under Category in Photolab 4 Elite?



Thanks a lot Greg.
So; what do I need to do to also have Black&White, Color negative films and Cross processed films?
Do I need to install Film Pack 5?

To see what you get with FilmPack, look here

I have never known PhotoLab without FilmPack, so I can’t tell you what you get without it. But, since it is not upgraded every year, I just bought it anyway. There are other great things in FilmPack as well as the renderings, see here

Let me rephrase my question …
If I install Film Pack 5 will I get all those Black&White and other simulations in Color rendering tool?


Since I have FilmPack already integrated in PhotoLab, I have put my colour rendition tool on the FilmPack palette.

Here are some screenshots of what I have got in the way of film emulations :

Capture d’écran 2020-10-24 à 15.49.26

Capture d’écran 2020-10-24 à 15.48.13

Capture d’écran 2020-10-24 à 15.48.54

If you compare these with the website’s list, you should be able to see if there are some that came from outside of FilmPack

Have you activated Filmpack 5 from within PL4?

The most important reason to buy FilmPack is Fine Contrast. Fine Contrast is the tool which will allow you to make your images ultrasharp without seeming sharpened: to add real pop. It works in conjunction with Lens Sharpness for supported lenses and by itself for unsupported/manual lenses.

If BW is your thing, SilverEfex from the Nik plugins is in another category from what the BW simultations in Photolab. I would not process BW images without SilverEfex. On the other hand, some of the Colour Film simulations, both slide and print, are awesome. For a high contrast somewhat bright effect I particularly like Agfa Vista 200 (it can trend too yellow). For deep rich colours, particularly green and red, I like Fuji Velvia 50). For dark images, it’s often necessary to lift the blacks about 8 or 9 as a good starting point with Velvia 50.


There are a number of very useful features in FilmPack 5. In addition to Fine Contrast it adds three additional contrast sliders for Highlights, Midtones and Shadows, a creative vignetting tool, a channel mixer, a blur tool, additional toning effects for the style/toning feature, and a filter tool that simulates colored lens filters. It is much more than just a collection of film emulations as some people seem to think.



Hello @m9k,

  • It’s impossible if you do not activate FP license (or have it installed standalone). As it’s already have been said by other users here - the full set of FP features are not included in PL by default no matter it’s PL2, 3, 4 Elite. To have it you should either activate it inside the PL or install a standalone FP version.

  • Second, if you have FP installed and licensed - then it will be available in any PL version.

My guess is - maybe you use a trial version of FP in your PL3 if you said you had a good number of filters in PL3 and do not have them in PL4.

Svetlana G.

I just upgraded my DXO from 3 to 4 and was wondering why my FilmPack section of tools only gave me “Filters” , found this thread and had a look around, all the film simulations are directly available on the colours palette now, the Grain tool still appears in the FilmPack section.
Just thought I’d clarify that if other people have the same issue!

Yes, that’s the way the layout has been designed, Dimitri.

John M