DxO PHOTOLAB 4 is Available!

Good day everyone !

The DxO Team and myself are proud to announce that DxO PHOTOLAB 4 is out !

This new version is packed with new features, from revamped workspaces, new watermarking, to batch renaming, selective copy/paste of settings, up to our revolutionary new AI powered algorythm DeepPRIME, which brings photography in a new era in terms of demosaicing and denoising.

We’re super thrilled to share with you all the work and efforts we’ve put into this version :slight_smile:

Go visit https://www.dxo.com/ for more informations.

Best regards,


Is there a picker for HSL?


Yes, there is! :wink:


Very good.

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It’s right in the center of your screenshot of the color wheel.


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Indeed. I was wanting verification.

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Congratulations to the team


I have just downloaded a trial. I like the UI updates although I am not sure how if setting up my own palettes still works (more playing required). It seems to have imported the menus for Filmpack, Viewpoint and Nik. History is here :D, and I have already used it in the couple of edits I have performed. The hue picker is a nice addition that I am sure will get used a lot. DeepPrime seems to do a great job…It’s well worth the upgrade in my opinion, purchasing imminently.

I have DXO Photolab 2 (Elite), can I purchase the v4t upgrade directly? or do I need to rebuy a full standalone version?

If you go to your My Account details it will probably tell you. I got a little upgrade button against the Photolab 3 entry in my list of software. If you click the upgrade button it will ask you to login, then you should be taken to ‘My Account’ and ‘Your Software’. If your version is upgradable it should tell you there.

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Cool that version 4 is out - but has generic support for Android DNG finally arrived? Can’t spot anything in the publicity…

Not included in the supported list, so no, it’s not. A huge disappointment.

They also never got around to doing anything later than the iPhone X either, so we’re not alone.


I was just watching one of the announcement videos, wherein I noticed …
image … the pop-up legend for the left-most correction filter says “Lights” (plural) … Should it not be simply “Light” ?

John M

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Enjoying PL4 with many new features that seem to make an overall improvement in IQ and workflow! Good job, team!

I’m not sure how to get a virtual copy to be accessible independently, yet, but I guess I’ll have to dig a bit deeper!

Not sure what you mean by this, Mike - Can you elaborate a little ?

Sure. In Custom mode, make a virtual copy of a photo. It used to go right to that virtual copy, next to the original. Now you just see an M on the original and the visual copy can’t be found. Presumably, it’s behind the M copy but how to work on it?

Yes, that’s how it should work, Mike.

“M” designates the "M"aster version - - with virtuals having numeric id’s (1, 2, etc).
Sounds to me like you may have an active filter (that’s causing your virtual to be hidden) ?



Haha! Thanks, John! You know what, the virtual copy always used to appear on the left (Mac) and you were already on it. Now, it goes on the right and you stay on the master. I was just looking and clicking on what is now the wrong side!
Awesome! Thanks for that. (Somewhat embarrassed) Mike


Just tried to find a function to compare two different pictures, but didn´t find it. As this feature was on the wishlist of several users and shouldn´t be a big development, I would like to ask about the status.

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The open thread for that request to compare different pictures:

I think if DxO responds, that thread should be updated.