Dxo photolab 4 crashes

I downloaded the trial and tried to start dxo 4 but i get only this screen without anything else.I cannot alt tabor anything else and only way out is to close it from task manager, windows 10

thanks but no luck

yeap also photolab 3 runs without a problem

Try updating your GPU driver from the manufacturers website.

If you have an Nvidia GPU choose the studio driver rather than the gaming version. Pick “clean install” and only install the driver rather than all of the other dross as well. Unless you need the dross :slight_smile:

Good morning @Alexander,

As I see you have a ‘beta’ label, my question is if you installed any PL4 beta version before?

If yes, please, clean everything connected with PL4 beta and then install a commercial release.
If not, please follow the instructions given by @gregor above :point_up_2:

Thank you
Svetlana G.