|DxO PhotoLab 4,3.1. Build 4595 Elite

Quick question, when is the next update going to be available?
Hopefully adding the Pentax K-3iii camera module as my RAW files requiring processing are increasing.
Would be also nice if some of my previous lens profiles “Modules” requests were added. Some going back years.

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I would think Q4 - if the past years are an orientation. Expect some deals for Black Friday

Good to see another K-3 Mk III shooter on the forum. According to @Marie the Mk III profile will be included in the October PhotoLab update, so hang in there, it’s on the way. I’m having to use alternatives to process my RAWs then finish the JPEGs in PL. I’m using Zoner ZPS-X as I tried Affinity Photo and hated it along with On1 No Noise AI 2021 which doesn’t even come close to PL Prime much less DeepPrime.


Hi larrymc,
Thanks for the info and K-3 Mk III user.
Been using similar processing to you “Pentax Digital Camera Utility” but it makes it a bit time consuming!
Just the Lens profiles “Modules” to sort out!!!

I totally gave up on DCU5, which I tried at first, the UI was a mess. It won’t be long now, I have waited since late April so a few more weeks won’t matter a lot now. I’m good on lens modules the 55-300 PLM was the last module I needed and DXO finished that one so now I’m good with my lenses.


Thanks Larry, I will hang on too.
As for lens modules I’ve been waiting for one for the HD PENTAX-DA 1:5.6 560mm ED AW after it came out plus some FA* lens. Still waiting after many requests.

Yes, Pentax K-3 Mark iii is scheduled for next month.

Many thanks for the confirmation, it’s much appreciated by us Pentaxian Mk III shooters!

BTW, when you want to check if/when a camera is supported check this page out:

Not like we lowly KP shooters, eh? :wink:

Truth be told, if I had the money I would be a K-3iii owner, too. I will have to make do with an exciting new lens on its way to me now.

LOL, you poor unfortunate KP shooters need pity! ?:sunglasses:

Honestly, I have always liked the images that the KP renders. What turned me off about the KP has always been the ergonomics. The K-3 Mk I spoiled me with its handling, the way all the controls were readily at hand, so I held out till the Mk III was placed on pre-order status and I ordered mine. The Mk III ergonomics are as good or better than the Mk I, but its operation is much more complex and after almost 5 months I am coming to terms with most of the features I use. Its a great camera but requires some new skill and understanding to use most of its features. :flushed: For an old guy learning those has been a challenge.

Been using k-3’s and k-3ii since they came out and liked both, now enjoying the k-3iii more, even my better half has commented on the differences as she finds her way around everything. Good learning curve!

I do love what I get out of the KP and the ergonomics don’t bother me much, once I got used to the shape (having come from a K-5).

The sensor tech, which I think the KP introduced, combined with DxO’s wizardry, is pretty exciting. Now if Pentax would just take the K-3iii and create a K-4/2 that does spectacularly with video. :heart_eyes: