DxO PhotoLab 2

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to release our new PhotoLab 2



DxO ClearView Plus removes any haze from your photos and gives them new life by increasing local contrast without distorting any details or colors.
This latest version lets you adjust both general and micro-contrast as well as maximize the sliders without creating a halo effect around edges or high-contrast transitions.


DxO PhotoLab 2 rounds out the software’s existing filters and image notation tools with new features that let you easily sort and organize your Photo Library. Using the dynamic interpretation search feature, which immediately understands your requests, locate the images you need in the blink of an eye.

Keyword search and other features designed to make your searches even more powerful will soon be available through upcoming free updates.


DxO PhotoLab 2 now supports .DCP profiles, which means you can keep the same colors even if you switch between several processing and RAW editing programs.

When working with a controlled graphics chain, you can import any profiles you’ve made in calibration programs into DxO PhotoLab 2. Now, you no longer have to choose between fidelity and ease of use. Simply keep the same color signature from one device to another.

And much more at: https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/

Feel free to join us on our Youtube channel to see our new Features and functionalities !


Reading all the disappointed comments here I think you should give us a roadmap what to expect within PL2 in the coming months before we have to pay again for PL3. Maybe this could motivate people to upgrade to PL2 which has really not much to offer so far.


Nice Video. I hope, the new ClearView Plus is better than the old one. The old Clearview made photos mostly a littel blue/green (turquoise).

Just upgraded to v2.0.

Keep the features coming. :smile:

I’d also like to see some more details about what exactly has been improved, added, or changed.

For example, for me it’s important

  • if auto-mask in local adjustments is now implemented in a useful way (displaying the selection instantly - kinda promised in June);
  • if now pressure sensitive brushes or an opacity parameter are supported;
  • if it’s now possible to correct the inadvertent deletion of a graduated filter;
  • etc.

I’d really like to get some feedback about the roadmap of PL. It’s definitely a fantastic product, but in this regard DxO really lacks some essential information.

BTW, I also couldn’t find a version history with changes compared to V1.2.2 on the DxO website.


Absolutely no reaction for a full week. :frowning:

That’s exactly the kind of communication policy that I’m complaining about.


Today, I got the third (weekly) mail from DxO praising the new version 2.

I’d rather like to see some questions answered - much more than frequent marketing mails…



You have a first answer here:


…but more than two weeks later, still absolutely no response from DxO to my simple questions.

Will these issues ever be addressed?

Simply not answering at all is the easiest and safest way to upset customers and to scare them away. (And pretty sure, acquisition of new customers takes much more effort and expense than keeping existing ones.)


Hi Tilmann,

In my experience, DxO staff are very diligent and prompt in responding to postings in this forum … I suspect the problem might be that you have posted into the “Announcements” thread, which is usually restricted to posts only from DxO staff (with inability for others to post here) … which would explain why your question has been missed.

All the same, as @Pathal points out, Fabrizio has addressed the broad issue of your question in the link referenced above.

Regards, John M

Great video…I totally agree with above comment.New CLearView Plus is really much better than older one…Old ClearView made pics really bit blue/green which made it quite blurry.

When Will Be released version 3? And if this will be a free upgrade for those, who pay for version 2 and gave you a credit of trust?

Hello netrunner,
usually DXO has a new version towards the end of a year. That happened at least in the past. In regards to upgrade fees I can not comment as I do not know.



This date is as regular as clockwork.
DxO still publishing his major release each year the last week of october just one month before the beaujolais nouveau.