DxO PhotoLab 1.2.3 Version 82 Crashing on my new MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 Silicon after each image

My PhotoLab Version 1.2.3 Version 82 is crashing after each image on my new MacBook Pro.
What can I do
Here is the link to error log

I’ve reinstalled DxO OpticsPro version 8 up to PhotoLab v4 on my MacBook Air M1 (8core GPU, 16GB Ram, 1TB drive). This is what I got:

OpticsPro 8: does not run
OpticsPro 9 and 10 : run with some quirks (e.g. presets not shown in the tool)
OpticsPro 11: seems to run as expected
PhotoLab 1: Installed after a few quirks and seems to run as expected
PhotoLab 2 and up: seem to run as expected

Please note that I did not test the old apps thoroughly. Nevertheless, I got no crashes with any of the apps except for OP8. This means that the apps themselves are fairly tolerant, even when there is no official support any more.

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