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is there a way to change the status of a picture manually? When exporting a picture the status says “Done” (“Erledigt” in German). Sometimes I try some different development steps after exporting but then decide, that they do not fit and go back to the steps when I exported the picture in the first place. But the status now says “Developed, but not the latest version”. For those examples I would like to change the status to “Done” again.


Maybe it would help you to create a virtual copy after first “good”-Export. So do I for creative later ideas.
If these Ideas are obsolete, simply delete the copy. If these edits are better than your original, copy the edits from the virtual copy to the original and delete the copy afterwards.
Unfortunately (or am I wrong?) you can’t delete an original without deleting the virtual copy.

Sadly enough, it is true. When we work with raw image files, virtual copies are just a bunch of additional entries in the sidecar files and the database - and it seems to me that it would be fairly simple to cut entries, be it those of the master or the VC(s). Older versions of PhotoLab or OpticsPro did that (if I remember correctly) - not without creating some confusion, also because of the master/copy numbering scheme.

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That is correct. However, this was not always the case. The current approach was implemented in PL3, If I recall correctly. Prior to that, there were no master copies. All copies, including the original, were virtual and any of them, including the original, could be deleted individually. A number of us suggested that this change was not beneficial, but the decision stood.



@sgoldkuhle: Virtual copies is a good idea, thanks for this tip!

@platypus @mwsilvers You’re right. I have an old installation of PL2e on an old 2009 MacBook Pro and it’s possible to create virtual copies numbered from “1” upwards and also delete them individually. I made a direct step to PL4e (for my Win10 PC).
I would like to miss this function on my MacBook instantly, If I could afford a Air M1 :roll_eyes:

I have a MBA M1 and tested and reported about a few versions of OpticsPro and PhotoLab running on it. Check it out here: