DXO Optics Modules for Google Pixel 4, 4a, & 4 XL

Where are the Optics Modules for the Google Pixel models?

These models include a better camera than just about any mobile device on the market and have the ability to provide RAW.

I keep paying to upgrade my DXO PhotoLab Elite software so were are the new modules, there is post on this forum from June 2018 saying its in your backlog.

What’s the road map to getting these complete?

No pixel raw support. unbelievable to me! You turned someone that was excited to use the software into a cynic. nice work dxo.

For me, no Google Pixel support - this has been lacking for so long, we’re just about to add the Pixel 6 to the list - no more paying for upgrades.

Since getting a 3a two years ago, it and a 4a have been what I have taken most of my photos on. (Best camera is the one you have with you etc etc…)

Why pay for something that STILL doesn’t support my most used camera??


No support for any iPhone beyond the X either. I understand that Photolab cannot compete with computational in-camera processing (although Photolab would process Apple’s ProRAW merged RAWs better than anything else) for HDR but allowing us to at least shoot normal RAW mode and process it in Photolab is really the least we can ask of DxO.

Same of course applies to the Google Pixel cameras. Just don’t expect to be able to outbat computational in-camera composites for low light photography. Our phones merge up to dozens of images to create these amazing low light images. In camera, HDR panoramas also leave no conventional RAW file to process.

But for daylight images night mode and multiple photos merged doesn’t apply so Photolab could help us get much better results from these images.

What gets on my nerves is that my Photolab processing skills are pretty good now. Processing photo photos in another application is a distraction. At this point, I’ve given up and only shoot SOOC on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. But it does make built resentment against DxO over the years.

Mmm - the ‘Night Sight’ / astrophotography mode on the Pixels is truly astonishing and I don’t expect PhotoLab to be able to do that.

But not opening any of the phones’ .DNG files at all… I mean, what’s the excuse?

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The excuse is that the results will not be worthy of Photolab. Frankly I think we users should be the judge of that. It really angers me that I am unable to use my photo editor of choice to process my phone RAW photos. I was willing to give DxO the benefit of the doubt for six months to perfect processing mobile images but after promising us RAW modules for our phones and not delivering, this is bad faith.

Between this, the Nik 4 fiasco (less compatibility with external applications, removed functionality) and what looks to be more removed support for recent Apple OS, my trust in DxO, sadly, is slipping.