DXO on a 13 inch macbook air

On my large monitor Mac the smallest DXO window i= 13 inches wide!

This would not first on a 13 inch laptop screen - or will DXO run wing 1 13 inch diagonal ??


Hi V64, welcome to the forum. Please check you’re spelling, it is hard to understand the question.

I use DxO PhotoLab on a 15 inch laptop. It is not ideal, but possible. The most important thing for me is to setup my workspace so that all needed palettes are on one side of the screen. The other side I just collapse. This way a normal 3:2 aspect ration picture fits nicely on the screen with the filmstrip below and palettes to the right.

Thank-you - I take it that DXO on a 15 inch screen is just about useable - the implication
being that it really unusable on a 13 inch screen.


PS sorry about the auto-spelling mis spellings -