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The new OM-1 camera is now being distributed could anyone advise me please regarding and update to deal with the new sensor files for the OM-1.
Thank you


I received it on March 3rd itself. Hoping DXO will add its support soon.

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From DxO staff member, Marie …

As I live in the southern hemisphere, the timing of “spring” is a bit ambiguous … but I’m assuming Marie means sometime in Mar-April-May … our Autumn !

Mine’s on order - not received as yet … (Any one wanna buy a near-new OM-D E-M1 iii ?)

John M


Funny story… many years ago I was installing an operating system on my work computer, I think some early version of Windows. It got to the point where it was setting up “localisation” and it provided a list of countries for date and time format conventions. I picked New Zealand. Then it showed me the time zone it would use (we have only one) and offered a check-box which asked “Would you like to automatically observe daylight saving between March and September.” :roll_eyes:

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Don’t try too hard, Marie!

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I suppose this means - after waiting much of last year for the 150-400 lens to be supported - that there are those of us working with OM who will feel forced to add the likes of LR and CaptureOne to our arsenal :frowning:

I received the OM-1 and Pure Raw 2 does not recognize the files. Any word as to when Pure Raw 2 will be updated to work with OM-1 files? Thanks!

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And will it cost to get the OM-1 comparability to Pure Raw 2?

Will the Pure Raw 2 upgrade include the OM-1 comparability on June 22nd???

From where did you get June 22nd? Is it because its the 4th Wednesday of the month?


Would be nice to know when support for Pureraw is coming… i know that in june… but what day?

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Well, it looks like late June, because the latest update of yesterday (14 June) still doesn’t include support for the OM-1.

not good… we should have it really…

So DxO Photolab supports the OM-1 as with today’s update 5.3.0. When will this carry over to PureRaw2? I don’t understand why you have two different release cycles for camera support on these two applications.


Two different pieces of software, two different cycles :man_shrugging:t4:

The answer is in this post:
« Support in PureRAW will follow in a few weeks »

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I’m trying to process files with DXO PR 2 latest update with Olympus OM1 files and its giving me an error message, any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum, Nick …

See here.

John M