DXO not picking up all EXIF data

I have an issue with DXO not picking up all of the EXIF data in my JPG files, including GPS location. Has anyone seen this problem, particularly with iPhone photos converted to JPG? Thanks.

Have you tried to read the metadata in the images ?
If you want, you can share your file so that you can try.

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Thanks for your reply!

For some reason, when DXO read the JPG files in the directory, it did not read ALL of the EXIF data. I highlighted all the photos and issued a request to REFRESH the EXIF data from the images and VOILA. Still a bug as it didn’t read them right when it cataloged them, but at least I can fix it for now.

I’m frustrated that there hasn’t been DXO Camera Profiles for any iPhone since the iPhone 10. :frowning: