DxO Nik Collection 4, none of the plugins work, Windows 10

Hello all,
When I click on APPLY in any of the plugins in the collection, it thinks for a moment, then the plugin closes and nothing happens. Also, the Nik Panel doesn’t open, I tried from File>Automate>Nik Selective Tool 2, and nothing happens. Tried installing and re-installing. Also tried on both Photoshop 2022 and 2021, to no avail. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi Samtimes, I never got any of Nik V4 to completely work on either of my machines (Windows 10 and 11) and Nik 5 worked fine for a week or two then failed possibly due to a Windows Update? I’ve had to revert to Nik with the old interfaces and now once again all the Nik apps work as they should!