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Recently downloaded NIk Collection 2. Installed as recommended, nothing is showing in Photoshop 5. It worked OK with version 1, which I removed prior to the installation. The Nik 2 shows in the windows 10 file tree, but however I try & configure, reinstalled twice!! still nothing in PS 5?
Can you help please?


Probably the plugins have not been installed in the correct folder. Nowadays, with recent versions of Photoshop, the plugins are installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC. Older versions of Photoshop expect the plugins to be installed in the Plugins sub-folder of the folder where Photoshop has been installed.

I guess you just have to locate the Nik plugins (see above - should be C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CC\DxO - otherwise look for *.8bf files on your disk) and move the whole DxO folder to the Plugins folder of PS CS5.

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Have done as you suggested with still no activity in/or showing in Photoshop 5?

One thing you could check : copy any other plugin (8bf file) to the same folder and see whether it appears in the Filter menu (or maybe you already have other plugins stored in that folder ?). In which case, the problem would be Nik specific. Otherwise, this would be a more general problem.

Please see these pages :

Have re-installed PS 5. Cleared all references to Nik Collection in regedit. Neither version 1 or version 2 will install in Photoshop.
Dxo recommended delete Nik Collection,using their delete button, however,the radio button failed to activate when used, hence using Regedit!.
Still no information from DxO on this issue, & non in sight, even the tech people are not answering my emails now!!