DxO licenses - per user, or per computer?

I’m reviving a laptop that might or might not serve for running PL. The question is whether I can run PL5 on this “foundling”, or have to buy it a license? FWIW, PL5 is currently in use on only one machine.

You can install PL on 3 PCs or Macs with the Elite Edition and 2 with Essential, here.

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Bingo! Thanks for the info. Now to see if the target machine is worth loading with PL5 in the first place…

Richard, can’t you simply test it with a demo version?

Of course, but I prefer to find out how hard I can stress the target machine before it just can’t keep up with what I’m trying to do. Or, consider it comparing like with like. :[/ smile]

You can still do that with the test version. It is a full featured version and you have 31 days to use it.


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What the heck, I can fill in the code later… duh.

Anyway, here’s the first cut at bringing the “didn’t know I had it” laptop to its knees. Sunuvagun, it’s still standing after a lot of local adjustments on top of a whacking big overall adjustment. Hint: some of the adjustments are rather subtle, and not necessarily where they might be expected. Heh, heh, heh…

Also, this was shot with ISO 3200 to get a really fast shutter speed in not much light. DeepPRIME added to the workout.

If I buy a new computer and scrap the old, can the old one be removed from the list of 3 included installatios?

Yes but you have to get support to allow it and that can be slow.