DXO Flickr group

Since Flickr is getting serious about photography again, I would like to ask if there are one or more groups about DxO/NIK on Flickr you guys are active ?

I read that DxO is working on improving the tutorials and help.
Is Flickr a place to consider too ?

Thanks for your feedback.

There are DxO PhotoLab and Nik Groups on FLICKR. I for one drop the odd pic up there and intend to increase this as I get more proficient.

Me too.
I saw your picture in the Nik group.
For Photolab, I couldnt choose a group yet.

I have used FLICKR for ages but only the free account which they are now capping at 1000 images. To stay there I need to take out a Pro account really but I also use 500px which I prefer in some ways - it is a much more modern interface and the free account is unlimited in terms of total images uploaded; it is limited to a set number of uploads per week though. Flickr Groups have been very poor for a while now so I guess it all hangs in whether that can be resurrected.

After capping to 1000 Photos, I moved to Smugmug.
It’s the same company and I had to decide, where to let my money in the future, but Smugmug gives a very good Webinterface, (i.e. deeper trees to build for your photos), stable at uploading (flickr was annoying very often), and the possibility to build a nice Website to show.
I used Flickr as an extern archive, but now its’s smugmug and at Flickr-for-free I only present my favorite photos and following people to get inspired and hopefully inspire them

My SmugMug account is coming up for renewal and I cannot see why I need it really. It is just an archive in the sky and there is no interaction like there is on FLICKR or 500px and it also only accepts jpeg - perhaps I am missing something? To be honest I just cannot see what SmugMug hope to get out of FLICKR for if you use FLICKR extensively then it is an archive in its own right.

For me, Smugmug is hard at work to restore the Flickr community of worldwide photographers.
It is (one of) the place to be to share all about photography.
The platform has been abandoned by the different previous owners. I am confident that Smugmug will renovate and make the site evolve, step by step, by listening to the customers, not the advertisers or anybody else.
Time will tell, but changes are already on the go: you can “gift” someone a pro account again, in january there will be no need for a Yahoo account anymore, 4k display support … much more is coming.

Interesting reads…

… on Flickr forum

… on Reddit

About the new free offer: now instead of only 100 pics, like it use to be in the past, you get 1000 pics for free, it is 10x more than what it used to be. My opinion is it is enough to showcase your best images and take part in the different groups of the community for free. That has always been the true essence of Flickr.

Smugmug’s site on the other hand, is a different product. It is a real backup, sharing, and print selling solution.

The two products are complementary and in my opinion, according to what I read, will remain as is.

For me I have always been interested in full screen (4K coming soon on Flickr) beautiful photo viewing and group sharing and exchange about our hobby -or work-.
I can not bear to watch some “stamps” on a small phone’s screen anymore :roll_eyes:

Disagree re 100 pics I have a load more than 100 pics on flicker in my account (or there was until I took them down). I had 1TB of space at my complete disposal but had to put up with adds. Now it is no more than 1000 images. Personally, I do not see how the two offerings can be seen as complimentary, certainly SmugMug have not managed to convince me how that is so (not yet anyway) and I flatly refuse to pay for a Flickr that might be better one day. It is either better now or it is not and I will not pay a dime more until it is demonstrably better. So, time will tell I guess :slight_smile:

What I liked on Flickr were the Groups. But they are not what they were.

What is in interesting is that by going Flickr Pro you get 50% of first years membership of SmugMug. The downside to SmugMug for me is that only jpegs can be uploaded. It would be nice to archive tiffs but they are space hungry I agree.

Have decided, perhaps against my better judgement, to upgrade to Pro and see what happens. :pleading_face:

I am sure you will not regret it.
I am also expecting groups to be a better place in 2019.
They will make it better, that is why they are dumping people that only want free storage and do not want to participate in any other form… It is a bit the hard way but how can such a service survive if nobody pays ?

You make a fair point. The deed is now done so time will tell. Must say at the moment I feel the quality of presentation is far better in 500px but that does not have the same potential I feel. I only play around with a free account there and will ditch that if Flickr does what we hope. Now I just ned DxO to sort out this round tripping problem on Mac. It is there when using Nik and it does not appear to be working properly with Lr either.

Oh well, everything will get fixed at some point.

But it worked before Version 2 and I do get really aggravated when new releases come out the door and what worked once does no more. Seems to be par for the course I know but I still dislike it :slight_smile: