DxO FilmPack 7 & DxO PhotoLab 6

Is DxO PhotoLibrary 6 compatible with DxO FilmPack 7? In DxO PL6 the Dxo FilmPack Time Machine button is greyed out.

That is a very good question. According to the release notes (support.dxo.com), FilmPack 7 is compatible with PhotoLab 4, 5, 6, and 7. However, there’s also a note that integration is already built into PhotoLab 7. So it seems to me that you need PL7 in order to use the new features such as Luminosity Masks and the added Time Machine presets. However, PL4-6 can be used to send an image to FP7. I doubt the older PL versions will accept a FP7 license. That would be weird.

DxO really needs to make such things more clear in its promotional literature!


I just tested, and I don’t see the same kind of integration in PL6 after I have got FP7 installed and opened once. Meanwhile, in PL7 I do see the integration like PL6+FP6, for PL7+FP7.

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DxO FilmPack 7 is not compatible with older versions of DxO PhotoLab, it will only work with DxO PhotoLab 7 and newer :wink:
We are sorry for the error in the Release Notes, They have been corrected meanwhile.