DxO FilmPack 6 low resolution preview on M1 Mac

I’m a new FilmPack Customer and am enjoying the results it produces very much.

I noticed that the preview in the FP6 Standalone Software is not showing the full resolution of the image. I use the latest Version of FP6 on a new iMac with M1 processor and MacOS 12.0.1. I am also seeing this behavior on my work laptop which also is a M1 machine. On both Macs I use the software on the built-in high dpi displays.

In this screenshot on the right you can see FP6 showing a 1:1 preview of a raw file. On the left you can see the JPEG exported from FP6. As you can see, the JPEG is much more high resolution than the preview.

Now I wonder, is this for performance reasons or is it unintended behavior?