DxO FilmPack 6 Elite and its User Guide

Had a couple of days to work with FilmPack 6 Elite and just wanted to say that I think it is great. The addition of the Time Machine, then finer color control that the expanded HSL provides, and the addition of optical corrections when processing RAW are top notch. Thanks for expanding FilmPack.

The only hitch I have found is that when you select User Guide from the menu you get the user guide for FilmPack 5. But, a person can always see the user guide by selecting the menu option for online help which gets you the FilmPack 6 user guide.

Really pleased with this upgrade and see how I can get a lot more done with FilmPack. Nicely done.


I just start to explore new functions of Filmpack 6 but already see it in the same light as you. All the new added functions are good upgrade, for me especially added effects like new light leak and texture palettes :+1:

By the way, the Filmpack 6 user guide is accessible here - https://download-center.dxo.com/Support/docs/FilmPack_v6/user-guide/FP6_manual_EN.pdf