DxO Filmpack 6 and Photolab 4

Can I use Film Pack 6 with Photolab 4? I’ll upgrade both eventually, but with tight funds, Film Pack will come first.

Yes you can!
Just be sure to upgrade to the latest version of PL4 (published today), which also adds the needed compatibility with FP6!


I have already upgrade to Filmpack 6 so I can also confirm that it is fully functional with last release of DxO PhotoLab 4 (4.3.3), which I’m currently using :wink:


Sorry for the offtopic but what about Photolab 3?

The release notes of Filmpack 6 claims that compatible host applications are PhotoLab 4 and PhotoLab 5. So, with PhotoLab 3 you will have to upgrade to PhotoLab 5 or stay with Filmpack 5 :frowning:

Thank you, looks like I will need to do some serious testing first.