DxO export to DNG and import into Lightroom has missing EXIF data when exported

Has anyone else run into this issue? Here’s the bug that I am running into.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Import Olympus ORF raw file into DxO
  2. Perform DxO’s highly superior lens correction, PRIME NR, and ViewPoint adjustments.
  3. Export images as DNG.
  4. Import DNG into Lightroom. Apply presets, color adjustments, etc.
  5. Export from Lightroom as JPEG.

The result, most of the EXIF data is missing from the JPEG. If I export from DxO as TIFF and LR export as JPEG, all of the EXIF data is there.

I’d have to check, but I’ve seen something similar (loss of metadata) when exporting processed RAW Nikon files from LR as JPEG images. In LR, I could only find limited options for saving metadata in exported images, and nothing that would fix the issue. Something new in LR?

It’s not new. I’ve seen posts on Adobe’s forum site from 2016:

Also, I’ve reproduced this with the same results in:

  1. Lightroom CC 2.2
  2. Lightroom Classic 8.2
  3. Lightroom 6.14
  4. Adobe Imagecore Linux (Lightroom Web)

OK, but in the case I cited above, I didn’t use DxO at all in the processing chain. So it appears to be directly an Adobe/LR issue.

One more thing to add:
If I create a DNG using using Adobe DNG converter, setting DNG Backward Version to 1.1 and linear & uncompressed (just like DxO’s DNG), I don’t lose the EXIF information. It seems to be something in the way the DNG is created by DxO.

Hello bobleaux,

I have a similar issue with using Nik - collection. You should report it as a bug.



I am going to report this as a bug.

I did some digging around and found out that the issue is with the DxO MakerNotes. I noticed that, while digging through the metadata using exiftool, that MakerNoteSafety is set to Safe. According to the DNG specification, this tag indicates that MakerNote metadata can be safely copied without worrying about adjusting byte offsets inside the MakerNote data. Lightroom believed that declaration and copied the MakerNotes metadata into the exported JPEG. Unless MakerNote is 100% at specification, then MakerNoteSafety should be set to Unsafe (or should be unset).

I tested this minor change to the DNG with exiftool and suddenly the EXIF data works correctly after the Lightroom JPEG export.

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