DxO does not export anymore

DxO does suddenly not export my images anymore. the loading starts but stops after 20-30 seconds du to “Correction failed on the execute stage”. The fans on my laptop rise a lot. What is the problem??? There is enough space and the laptop is new.
I have the lastest Version 7.5

MAC or Windows?
have you re-started your laptop? this will clear the not necessary load on your ram which might be the reason why your fan is rising.
PL 7.5 run fie on MAC sonoma 14.4 here.

If you are using a Windows laptop, what graphics card does the computer have ? Did PL 7 ever work on this machine ?

These errors should not occur, as they mean something couldn’t be handled by the software. Submit a bug report via support.dxo.com and provide a test image and sidecar file via upload.dxo.com. But first, make sure your video drivers and other system drivers are up-to-date.

I use Windows 11

This error is pretty unspecific, pretty common and pretty old - and yet unsolved, however:

Apparently this happens every now and then, regardless of the PL version. It seems like it became worse over time. Probably there is more than one cause…