Dxo - does it work with the old Google Nik Collection?

This is my second attempt to post to this forum. The first one was a question about sidecar files. I got a message saying it was being moderated but it just vanished.

My second question is about NikCollection. I am using the free trial of DxO photolab. There is a button for Nik collection plugins and it works. Is this because a) the Nik Collection is included in the trial or b) because I already have Nik Collection installed as a Photoshop Plugin and DxO has found it? The version I have is one for quite some time ago when Google was selling it. Will this version work with DxO Photolab?


No, Nik Collection is independent and does not install with PL.
It’s an old installation of Nik Collection, you can check it with the Nik Collection version you have.
Yes the old version of Google’s Nik Collection works witk PL5.

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PL5 recognizes all versions of NIK, even the free one. So if you have “some” version installed, PL5 will see it and use it. I did this for a while with PL3 and got many crashes. So even though Photolab recognizes it, DXO doesn’t support it. DXO has made many upgrades and improvements in DXO versions 1-4, why not trial the current version 4? Be advised, however, that the trial version will overwrite your current version so back it up safely before installing NIK

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Thanks all.
This is right i think - it has found my pre-existing Nik and works with it. This is encouraging as it MMM means the switch to PhotoLab does not necessarily require a purchase of Nik as well.
Thanks for your answers all