DxO dng export darker than in Photoshop

Camera - Pentax K3 III
File format - RAW DNG
Problem - photos are much darker exported from DxO than other software.

I put a complete “no correction” profile to the photo in DxO and exported it to JPG.
Then I imported a raw file to Adobe Photoshop, also did no corrections there and also exported it as JPG.

I have uploaded a screenshot here. Left is export from DxO, right is Adobe Photoshop. How come it is much brighter in there?

There is necessarily some interpretation going on. The RAW data is in a different colour space to the JPEG. Whatever software you use to convert between those two must make decisions on how to do that conversion. In fact there are two conversions: RAW to Working Colour Space (WCS) and WCS to (probably) sRGB in the JPEG.

Assuming you’re using PL6, do you get different results when specifying the Wide Gamut WCS?

Check out the video here for a really good explanation of colour gamuts.

some raw converters ( specifically ACR / LR ) do apply hidden “exposure” corrections ( for ACR / LR part of that is encoded in their code for each camera model / ISO and part of that might be in the DCP camera profile used = total is a sum of two ) - that might be a part of what you are seeing

for example for Pentax K-3 III @ ISO 6400 Adobe ACR/LR have +0.7 EV “exposure” correction hardcoded to be applied ( before another part possibly, if present, taken from DCP profile used in combination for a final value )

I downloaded https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/pentax-k3-iii/K3IIIhSLI0006400NR0.PEF.HTM , converted to DNG and checked the tag 0xc62a BaselineExposure = 0.7

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I get the same issue too. I had to switch over to Topaz, but I find they oversharpen the images. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit yet.

Why is the title about DNG export ?
It seems you compare Dxo RAW demosaicing without correction vs photoshop (so lightroom ?) demosaicing without correction.

Am i wrong ?

If you compare as I understand, it is normal that those 2 “with no correction” jpg aren’t the same.